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Renewable Energy To Provide Europe with Half A Million Extra Jobs by 2020

The 2012 EU Energy [R]evolution report demonstrates how Europe can create half a million jobs in the energy sector as well as long term savings for consumers and increased climate stability if it prioritises renewables and energy efficiency over traditional fossil fuels.

Greenpeace International senior energy expert Sven Teske said: “Every €1 rise in the price of oil costs Europeans over €400 million a month. By refocusing its energy system, the EU can cut that this dependency almost in half by 2030. Renewable energy, combined with efficiency standards for cars and buildings, will revitalise our societies and save billions of euros.”

The Energy [R]evolution will only be possible with real political leadership: The European Union and its member states will have to set the framework for a sustainable energy pathway.

EREC secretary general Josche Muth said: “There is a need for a binding 2030 renewable energy target for investor confidence, to provide a stimulus to the industry, and, most importantly, to help create new jobs and technological innovation as a way out of the economic crisis. I often hear the call for policy clarity and for clear targets to encourage companies and research institutions to make the necessary commitment to allow the sector to continue its rapid growth over the coming years.”

The report’s methodology for calculating jobs can be found below:


Scottish Government Confirms New Windfarm

Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing last week gave the go ahead to a 129.6 MW wind farm 1.5 km west of Stornoway.

The 36 turbine development, which will be built and operated by Lewis Wind Power Ltd – a joint venture between AMEC and EDF Energy, will generate enough energy to power 60,000 homes and be worth around £40 million for the local economy.

The Scottish Government says the development further strengthens the case for a subsea cable linking the Western Isles to the mainland. The subsea cable would open up the area for renewable energy development, both wind and marine.

“The Stornoway wind farm… will represent a significant boost to the economy of the Western Isles and create jobs during construction and in the longer term,” commented Ewing. “I am confident that the wind farm will provide great benefits to its local community and play an important part in helping Scotland reach its target of the equivalent of 100% of electricity demand generated from renewable.”

Since 2007, the Scottish Government has consented 52 renewable energy applications, out of a total of 58, and is considering a further 42 renewables applications totalling around 50 MW of generating capacity.

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